Relax and roll Negus unbleached, African themed rolling papers with a slow and even burn. Negus Wraps are made from a mixture of rice plant pulp and white poplar wood, with vegan gum. No dyes, no chalk, no additives. Just natural papers. Being made from rice and wood, users get the best of both worlds with a paper that is thin but not prone to tearing. Because rice papers are thin, they permit more airflow passing through which allows for a slower burn. In addition, thinner papers ensure that the smoker inhales and tastes more herb & less paper.

I hope when you roll Negus, you inhale it’s meaning, which is Ruler, so that you too can feel like your own boss, as I did when I first started this company.
Thank you my Negus for rolling with me.

– 50 Booklets per box
– 33 King Sized Natural Leaves
– Includes pink warning sheet when 5 papers are left
– “Tips Only” includes 50 Tips


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