DIE DREAMING EP (Deluxe Edition)

For the true fans
Not available on Spotify / Apple

10 Songs Including:

  1. Death Dream +
  2. King Negus
  3. Something More
  4. Rain Cloud +
  5. Fade +

____________ BONUSES ______________

From EP Release

  1. Something More (Live)
  2. Blessings / Location Cover (Live)

Death Dream Originals

  1. Taja Interlude
  2. Death Dream
  3. Rain Cloud
  4. Grandma Interlude
  5. Fade
  • & King Negus (Mr. Alexis Remix)

Mini MP3 player modeled after vintage audio cassettes. Consists of 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB, and micro SD ports. Each cassette features Starve Marve / King NEGUS’s latest music and comes with a Micro USB to USB A cable.

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