Starve Marve Video


Fun Mi (Foo • Me)

Channeling his Neo-Fela, in his new afrobeat single “Fun Mi,” which translates to “Give me,” in the language of Yoruba, Starve Marve serenades game to a dame to whom he cannot proficiently communicate his urge.

King Negus

Negus: A phrase meaning ruler in the Ethiopian languages of Ahmaric & Tigrinya. Today’s kings sit atop corporations rather than thrones. They make the product, they make the money, they make us work, and the money made influences the law. 

Tribute to Tom Misch

Tribute to Tom Misch over what was originally a tribute to Dilla produced by Tom Misch. I shot this one on a trip to Philly to visit cousins.

BLCK freedom session

Starve Marve performs his hit single “Rain Cloud” accompanied by guitarist Richie Hermans for an intimate group in Miami.

Jasmine Flower Video

Looking for dreams within flowers. Hoping to see them blooming, coming to light at the hour. “If I snuck into your room … what would you see To this, listeners replied – magic carpet, purple and blue lights.

Fun Mi (Live w/ Demigod Q)

Starve Marve’s PBCC Live Music Series performance was a first for many reasons. I was the kit off of the series and it was also the first time we had to deal with unexpected sudden heavy rain.